Bulgarian Stock Market


Online trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia.

Адрес: гр. София, бул. Черни връх 51Б
Телефон: 02/ 8199 142




COBOS is an online system for trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia with all offered financial instruments – shares, bonds and compensatory instruments. Customers trade directly via their PCs and thus save time from attending the office of Focal Point Investments.
COBOS has a large set of applications, suitable for non-professional investors – news, analyses and charts for all traded instruments. Customers may track their transactions and money balances at any time. Information in COBOS is updated every 15 seconds.
The fee per transaction through COBOS is 0.3% from the value of the deal, but min 5%. Customers with large turnover or large portfolio of stocks use preferential conditions, fully described in the Agreement for tariffs of Focal Point Investments. The annual fee of BGN 87, payable to the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, is fully at Focal Point Investment’s expense.