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Terms of use


General Conditions of Use of This Website: This site is property ofFocal Point Investments and by accessing it you agree to the terms that follow.
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Responsibility for the Information in the Website:
Focal Point Investments makes efforts to obtain up-to-date information from sources, which it believes to be reliable, but does not guarantee that they are such. The company has the right to modify the content of the website without prior notice. Focal Point Investments disclaims any liability for losses either direct, indirect or consequential damages, lost profits arising out of or connected with your access to or use of this website. The information contained in the website constitutes no advice (investment, legal or other) and is not an incentive for making a deal. You have to conact Focal Point Investments’ experts before making any investment decision.
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Focal Point Investments does not confirm and is not responsible for the information in hyperlinked sites, as well as for the products, services and others, offered in these sites.