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About BSE - Sofia


Trading session of Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia
Trading sessions on the BSE-Sofia are held every business day with the exception of official holidaysThe duration of the trading sessions is as follows:

• 09:30–10:00 pre-trading
• 10:00–10:10
opening auction
• 10:10–16:55
continuous trading
• 16:55–17:00 closing auction
• 17:00–17:30
Orders can be placed in the trading system of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange from 09:30 to 17:30. Limit orders may be placed through the working hours of Focal Point Investments’ office.


Transactions with stocks are executed after the customer of Focal Point Investments has placed an order, describing the issuer, the number and the price of the stocks, subject of the transaction.

For the sale of stocks the customer must provide a depository receipt which verifies the right of ownership for these stocks.

When buying stocks, the customer must provide the total sum of the transactions with the commission fee included before placing an order.
Changes or cancellations of already placed orders may be done by the customer personally in Focal Point Investments’ office.


Trading sessions on the BSE-Sofia are
held every business day with the exception of official holidays from 10:00 to 17:00 EET. This is the time interval when a placed order may be executed. Information about the status of a placed order may be given after 17:00 from Focal Point Investments. If an order has been executed, the customer must sign a confirmation till the end of the next business day.
If a sell order is executed, the sum from the transaction is payable after the 2-day settlement on a customer’s bank account.
For all issues concerning commissions and fees the approved by the Governing Council of Focal Point Investments Tariff for interests, fees an commissions is applicable.