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Managed accounts

The investment specialists at Focal Point Investments offer management of client’s assets on behalf of the client. Management is based on a written contract.
Money management is an alternative to the traditional bank deposits and is sutable for investor aiming at higher yields but lacking time or knowledge for the stock markets.

Portfolio types

Depending on the type of purchased assets, the extent of risk and expected yield, Focal Point Investments offers three portfolio types:
Low-risk portfolio – composed of low-risk securities – fixed-income instruments (government, municipal and corporate bonds).
Balanced portfolio – a combination of shares and fixed-income instruments (government, municipal and corporate bonds).
High-yield portfolio – investments mainly in shares. Investment risks are higher, but they correspond to expectations for higher yield.

•    Individual service and flexibility in managing the portfolio, as well as choice between several different portfolio types.
•    Securities which form the portfolio and all corresponding rights are owned by the client 
•    Detailed quarterly and annual reports about all transactions on behalf of the client.
•    Clients may withdraw at any time part of or the whole sum given for money management according to the clauses of the contract. Assets in the portfolio should not be lower than stated in the agreement, as it may result in its termination
•    Clients may determine the warrantable portion of loss in their portfolio


The minimal sum for opening a managed account is BGN 5 000. The client may deposit additional funds at any time and thus to increase the size of the portfolio. Client’s money is managed through a separate bank account, different from the bank accounts of Focal Point Investments. After a stated in the contract notification the client may withdraw a part of or the whole invested sum. Notification for withdrawal depends on the sum:
•            for sum up to BGN 10 000 3 - (three) working days
•            for sum over BGN 10 000 – 5 (five) working days
Investments in securities are connected with many risks and possibility for big losses. All risks are on behalf of the client. Focal Point Investments cannot guarantee preservation of the invested sum and future yields.